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Jerry Lawler - WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023

Join the King’s Court with Jerry “The King” Lawler in Mattel WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023! The Elite Survivor Series line celebrates the greatest moments in the legendary event’s history, and this Lawler figure comes from his 1996 team Survivor match. Lawler has a serious headscan and comes wearing a black singlet and red tights, featuring white crown designs on each leg. He’s also wearing black boots with white crown designs, and his royal look is complete with his iconic red-and-gold crown and black double-breasted jacket with gold detailing, gold fringe epaulets, and medals. The Memphis legend comes with two interchangeable sets of hands. Each figure in the WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023 comes with a part of the exclusive British Bulldog build-a-figure!

Jerry Lawler - WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023

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