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Kevin Owens - WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023

Fight Forever with Kevin Owens in Mattel WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023!The Elite Survivor Series line celebrates the greatest moments in the legendary event’s history, and this Owens figure comes from his 2021 team Survivor match, where he represented Monday Night Raw. Owens has a scowling, bearded headscan and accurate tattoos. He’s wearing a vivid red sleeveless t-shirt with “Relentless/KO” illustration design, as well as black shorts with red “KO” logo design and black tights underneath. Owens is ready to fight with black hand and wrist tape, as well as black laced boots. His accessories include a silver briefcase and an extra set of interchangeable hands. Each figure in the WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023 comes with a part of the exclusive British Bulldog build-a-figure!

Kevin Owens - WWE Elite Survivor Series 2023

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