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Ultimate Warrior - WWE Ultimate Edition 15

Ultimate Warrior in his highly coveted Halloween Havoc 1998 attire.

Accessories include: 2 Heads (1 with mid-match faded face paint, 2 sets of alternate hands, a Fabric OWN Duster Jacket and 2 sets of tassels for the armbands and kneepads


Each Ultimate Edition figure features advanced articulation, including: • Double-jointed elbows • New articulated toes • Ab-crunch torsos • Swivel wrists and double-joined knees on Women’s Division figures In addition, capture authentic entrance poses, epic mid-match comebacks, and signature finishing moves with swappable heads, hands, posable entrance gear, and more! Recreate unforgettable moments in ultimate realistic detail with WWE Ultimate Edition figures.

Ultimate Warrior - WWE Best of Ultimate Edition 2 Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!

Ultimate Warrior - WWE Ultimate Edition 15

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